UK Gear Manufacturers & Gear Suppliers

Beard & Fitch are gear manufacturers and suppliers specialising in the production of transmission components to suit customers’ individual requirements. Working in a diverse range of industries, we supply gears to not only the UK market but also internationally.

We offer a range of comprehensive manufacturing facilities that enable us to manufacture transmission gears for a whole raft of industrial applications. The type of gears we manufacture includes: spur gears, hubs, pulleys, helical gears, worm drive and many more.

We have many years’ experience manufacturing gears and other transmission products. Beard & Fitch dates back to 1851 and therefore we have many years’ experience in manufacturing gears in sectors such as: camera support equipment, food processing, packaging machinery, power transmissions and much more.

We have employed over 40 staff encompassing the full manufacturing processes from raw material to the finished product. B&F services provide full inspection and advice with total quality assurance systems.

If you have questions regarding our gear supplies, please contact the Beard and Fitch team today on: +44 (0) 1279 425358. Alternatively you can request a quote through our website by providing your information.